Why become a Red Zone X member

Our in house Red 45 classes will get your heart rates pumping and caters to people of all fitness levels. Our Body Transformation program provides more 1-on-1 attention and guarantees life changing results. Our Red 30 online program gives you the flexibility to workout from home, while still being motivated and coached. Whether you are new to an exercise program or in search of a new motivating workout program, you will find your home at Red Zone X.

Newest equipment for group coaches to challenge members: consisting of 10 Water Rowers, 10 Assault Air Bikes, 10 Ski Ergs, 10 Tanks, 10 Battle Ropes, 10 TRX’s, 10 Reebok Decks, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Wall Balls, Small Balls, an Inbody Scanner to track and measure REAL results, and the BEST community to motivate and help keep you coming back!

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Red Zone X Training Programs

Red 45 (Group Fitness)

Red 45 is a 45 minute “train smart” workout which includes strength training and burners. The strength training builds strong functional bodies and ensures long term sustained results and the burners are where you sweat!
Burners consist of:

🔥 Tabatas
🔥 Intervals
🔥 Ascending/ Descending Sets

Red 30

The most effective 30 minute at home workout with minimal equipment. We personally email you a workout daily to help you stay accountable. Our direct contact approach allows you to have a trainer with you at all times. This program is perfect for you if you want daily workouts and coaching but don’t always have the time to get to the gym.

Personal Training

Includes personalized plans for weight loss, strength training, muscle building, athletic performance, mobility/ flexibility and overall health. Whatever your goals are, we have the right trainer for you.

Body Transformation Training

Our Body Transformation Training sessions are specifically designed to provide long term body fat loss and strength gains through weight training methods.

Member Transformation

In less than 8 weeks, Nyree received these results!

Her training regime includes:

  • Personal Training with Brian
  • Red 45 classes
  • Body Transformation Training

“I’ve been going to Red Zone X for years and it’s such an amazing place to go to work out. It’s a great atmosphere. But the trainers are the main reason I go back. They all are so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. I know that anytime I go, I will be challenged to do my best and if I need help with anything from nutrition to technique – someone is always willing to take the time.  Personally I would not have come as far in my fitness journey if it wasn’t for Brian’s smug face, fueling me with hate as he blasts outdated 90s music.”

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