The most effective fitness program put together to monitor clients individual optimal performances in a group atmosphere or in a personalized program.

  • All fitness levels
  • Regressions & Progressions
  • TV’s display members heart rate percentages & calories burned
  • Red 45 classes
  • Personalized Training sessions
  • Functional mobility training
  • Strength
  • Weightloss
  • Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Overall health



Group Fitness

Red 45 is a 45 minute “train smart” workout that consists of a warm up, strength and conditioning work and lastly supervised core work or band assisted stretching techniques to help keep our member’s bodies moving optimally even after they leave our facility. All classes are under the supervision of two coaches to ensure the entire group uses proper technique so they can stay functional, motivated and safe during our high intensity programs. Classes burn an average of 400-600 calories per session! Try your first session for free!

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Personal Training

Our Personalized Training sessions are based first and foremost on functional mobility training, in order for us to effectively do our jobs with the strains and stresses of working out we need our clients to be mobile enough to handle the weight load and cardiovascular load fitness programs demand. Strength, weight-loss, toning, flexibility and overall health are all included in our personalized approach.

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2017 Skulpt Challenge

Our 16 week Skulpt Transformation Challenge gave 52 competitors the opportunity to set a self sustainable smart goal, while competing for a podium finish. Winners were determined by biggest changes in body fat loss and muscle quality gained, measuring 3 sites including the tricep, ab and quad.

1st Place | Skylar Christian
BF Lost-30.2 MQ Improved-75.8 =106
2nd Place | Lindsey Pucci
BF Lost- 22.4 MQ Improved- 79.8 =102.2
3rd Place | Barb Ceresino
BF Lost- 33.2 MQ Improved-53.4 =86.6
4th Place | Joe Szura
BF Lost- 27.9 MQ improved- 57.9 =85.8


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