Member Transformations

Nyree Kakeeway

In less than 8 weeks, Nyree received these results!

Her training regime includes:

  • Personal Training with Brian
  • Red 45 classes
  • Body Transformation Training
“I’ve been going to Red Zone X for years and it’s such an amazing place to go to work out. It’s a great atmosphere. But the trainers are the main reason I go back. They all are so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. I know that anytime I go, I will be challenged to do my best and if I need help with anything from nutrition to technique – someone is always willing to take the time.  Personally I would not have come as far in my fitness journey if it wasn’t for Brian’s smug face, fueling me with hate as he blasts outdated 90s music.”

Did You Know?

Skeletal muscle mass refers to the muscles that can be grown and developed through exercise (unlike LBM, which includes everything that isn’t body fat, you can view an increase in SMM as actual muscle gain.)


In 23 weeks, Steph received these results!

Her training regime includes:

  • Red 45 classes
  • Body Transformation Training

“I began my weight loss journey as a means to get physically fit. As the weeks went on, I found coming to Red Zone to workout, it gave me a better outlook mentally than I have had in a long time.

I’ve never been stronger physically and mentally. Although I had never stepped foot in a gym before in my life, I quickly found myself feeling comfortable and at ease with everyone and every new thing I was learning.”

Chelsey Wtsn

In 19 weeks, Chelsey received these results!

Her training regime includes:

  • Personal Training with Andie
“When I first stepped into Red Zone X I didn’t expect to be where I am today. Stronger, healthier and eager to grow. With knowledgeable trainers and a vast amount of options, Red Zone X gave me the fundamentals to reach goals I never thought were possible.
Red Zone X is more than a just a gym. It’s a place that fosters growth and resilience in its members and I feel so lucky to be apart of that. Thanks Red Zone!”


We’re so proud of our members.

Our members have made the decision to get fit using Red Zone X. And that’s because Red Zone programs get results. Our members keep on proving it—day after day!

  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Improved Body Composition


Our nutrition and lifestyle plans are based off of the newest cutting edge technology and research.


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