Train smart with Red 45

Red 45

Our Red 45 classes bring fitness, community, laughter and a whole lot of sweat into one action packed session. Each member in the Red 45 class will be equipped with a Polar Heart Rate monitor. This will allow for superior results and workout tracking to keep you motivated and on top of your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Red 45 group classes burn an average of 400-600 calories per session and can reach up to 1000 calories within a 24-36 hour window (not bad for a 45 minute workout). These extra calories come from the science of EPOC or “afterburn” the process of the body trying to return itself to a resting state.

Red 45 philosophy is based on interval training to accelerate the heart rate, but even more importantly to decelerate it after intense intervals. Red 45 is a 45 minute “train smart” workout that consists of a warm up, strength and conditioning work and lastly supervised core work or

Throughout the facility we have tv’s to display members heart rate percentages and calories burned. This software will allow our members to train smart while having the most motivating, heart pounding, and efficient workout they have yet to experience.

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