Body Transformation Training

per month
plus HST
  • 2 BTT per week
  • 3 Red 45 per week
  • Regular Retail price is $420.00
per month
plus HST
  • 3 BTT per week
  • 2 Red 45 per week
  • Regular Retail price is $480.00

Sessions specifically designed to provide long term body fat loss and strength gains through weight training methods.

  • Clients will receive monthly Inbody testing to monitor progress
  • Clients will be given individual nutritional guidelines tailored to their training goals
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Nutrition Booklet
  • Nutrition check-ins to make sure they are accountable and recovering optimally
  • Periodized workouts to always keep the body progressing
  • Each session is guided by a certified coach to ensure proper technique, and to maximize every rep during your workout

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Our Body Transformation Training program will benefit you whether you’re a beginner, or someone who has been exercising for years. If you want to get leaner, gain muscle, and feel better then this is the program you’re looking for.